About Us

More than three decades, Sriracha Farm has been a source supplying high quality crocodile leathers to clients all around the world

Sriracha Farm Asia Co.,LTD entered a crocodile industry in 1991 and became one of the first five original crocodile farms in Thailand. Since, we have grown into an integrated business by expanding from breeding to manufacturing, allowing us to leverage our business to be the biggest crocodile tannery company in Thailand.

Our mission is to place a focus in every detail at all stages of process to make sure that only the best quality skin can be sent out to our clients.

At Sriracha farm, we are fully equipped with top quality raw materials and expertise, where we are ready to serve any requirements from clients around the world. Our people dedicated more than 30 years of practice to become a skilled craftsman with knowledge and experience specialised in crocodile skin.

We currently raise two breeds of crocodile known for having the highest quality skin and the most beautiful pattern in the world; the Crocodylus siamensis and Crocodylus porosus. These two species are controlled under CITES.


Sriracha Farm Asia Co.,LTD owns more than 200 acres of land for crocodile farming in both Chonburi (where our headquarter is located) and Pranburi province with the total of over 100,000 crocodiles living in the farm.

Corporate Responsibility

During the past 30 years, we have conducted a complete cycle of crocodile-related industry from research to breeding, marketing and retailing finished crocodile merchandise, including farm and field researching, feeding, slaughtering, tanning, and making genuine crocodile leather goods. In order to accomplish the ultimate goal of being the “Crocodile Universe”, we registered as Sriracha Farm (ASIA) Co. , Ltd. and became a member of Crocodile Management Association of Thailand (CMAT).

We also in a partnership with the Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG), allowing crocodile market specialists and other members to exchange knowledge about the crocodile leather market, crocodile meat trade and other crocodile products market and trends from all over the world.

We are committed to protect any endangered species of crocodiles. 

Every harvested crocodiles and skin tanned from our farm are tagged with a government issued to legally breed, distribute, and trade crocodile goods domestically and  internationally. 

We meet all the requirements of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative and perform at all stages of farm practices in freshwater aquatic animal culture including harvesting and post-harvest handlings prior to transportation in order to produce products of good quality and safety for consumption.