Leather goods

Sriracha Farm Asia Co.,LTD provides a one-stop service, where we operate a full cycle production from tanning crocodile skin to manufacturing leather goods. We have specialists in house who can assist in the design pattern of any leather goods as crocodile skin has its own unique scale that only an expert knows how to place it in the most suitable and beautiful way.


Create your own brand in 4 steps

  • Brainstorming session with our specialists  Custom made orders are welcomed. We provide specialists for our clients to consult with in terms of pattern and design of leather goods
  • Finish and colour selections  We have a variety of finishes and colours of crocodile skins for our clients to choose from (Special colour can be developed as requested).
  • Product sample After finalizing the design and colour, we will create a product sample for the review.
  • Review and modification  Clients can review and make one modification before processing with the final production.

Our finished goods

      At Sriracha Farm Asia Co.,LTD, we have a wide collection of finished leather goods including; purses, wallets, handbags, and shoes for clients to produce under their own brand name where they can make any adjustments in terms of colour and hardware.

  • Catalog & design selection The customers can choose from a wide selection of the company’s ready-to-wear bags and leather goods to remodel into their own brands.
  • Adjust & modification The customers can choose their own colors, sizes, patterns, accessories, and others parts to adjust upon their preferences. Customers can also adapt the design to be more coherent with the customer’s brand.
  •  Make a sample bag  After the final design, we will produce a sample product for the customers to review 
  • Customer review and modification The customer can review and make one additional modification before the final production process.