Apart from skin and meat, crocodile is long known for having medicinal properties. At Sriracha Farm Asia Co.,LTD, we currently provide two supplement products yielded from crocodiles.

Freeze-dried crocodile blood  is made from 100% Crocodylus siamensis species known for having essential vitamins and minerals (especially iron) necessary for blood nourishment and anemia. Further researches found that crocodile blood also suitable for people experience with allergy, diabetes, and cancer as it contains antimicrobial Peptide that help build immunity in body and IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) that help reduce blood sugar by promoting insulin. 

We provide the production of freeze-dried crocodile blood capsules that can be labeled under your own brand name. 

Crocodile balm
is one of our best-seller products throughout
Asia due to its property to help soothe rash and irritated skin, especially from insect bites. The product became popular through word-of-mouth as people started to receive benefits from using the crocodile balm. The research was first conducted out from the curiosity of how crocodiles can heal and survive from serious injuries after their battles, which allow us to discover the secret that hide underneath their bodies.

We provide the production of crocodile balm that can be labeled under your own brand name.