The Tannery


In 1991, we started our tanning business with only two wooden drums, where we produced approximately only 4,800 crocodile leathers per year.


After years of dedication in learning, researching, and developing techniques in crocodile skin tanning, our name has become increasingly well-known internationally. This lead to a surge in demand, resulting in production lines extending from two to 10 wooden drums.


Today, we implement modern technology to improve the production and quality of our crocodile skins by importing polypropylene drums. By using Polypropylene drums, we can process upto 40,000 skins per month or approximately 500,000 per year. This modern technology helps us produce large amounts of skin to serve the demands with top tier quality

Walking into our tannery, it is a combination of modern machinery and traditional know-how that have been passed on from generations to generations. These two together help us create superior quality of crocodile skins.

The tanning of crocodile skin has a distinct and special process that requires not only modern equipment, but also a skilled craftsman. This is the reason why crocodile leather is the most precious leather in the world.

Being in the tropical climate (Thailand), our crocodile skins get a chance to dry organically in the airflow room where natural heat and breeze pass through. Unlike the oven, this results in beautiful and soft finished leather with undestroyed fabric.

In our colour adjusted room, each and every skin dyed is sprayed by hand to enhance the skin shade and tone by using only finest colouring dyes, preparing for its final step – finishing.